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If you want to see the password wi-fi on laptop?

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The common error of Access Point

If you want to see the password on laptop?

1. Error is not connected to WiFi

Normal You are  connection to WiFi, but someday techniques to troubleshoot and reset your Wifi password.

troubleshoot:On Windows 8 and 8.1

Step 1 : Press  Windows + R , type  ncpa.cpl , and then  Enter


On Run dialog box, you type the command ncpa.cpl

Window  Network Connection  is automatically displayed, right-click on one card  Wireless  and select Status


Step 2: When the Status dialog box appears we select Wireless Properties (the picture below)

-rolling-hop wireless




Step 3 :  Select the Security tab.


Then Check the box  “Show characters”.

When this item in the  Network security key , the current password of wireless network you are using will appear,  you want change or remove them and complete a new password. Done click  OK  ‘s it.

+ For Windows 7

Step 1: Right-click the selected wave bottom of the screen as shown


Step 2: Right click on the wave you want to see and properties


Step 3: A dialog box appears, we select the Security tab

Then check the box  “Show characters”.

I wish you success

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