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VLAN routing by Sub Interface on the Router

VLAN routing by Sub Interface on the Router

On the physical port of the router can be split into the logic Interface (sub interface), so we have to sub interface command

router (config) #interface f0/0.x        (x is any number from 1 to nearly 2 billion , this number when you configure any VLAN) and each sub will be packaged for each VLAN encapsulation dot1q command corresponding Vlan_ID. And we put in each sub IP address corresponding to the VLAN to represent you.

To better we configure the following example:

We use  Packet Tracer network diagram as follows: (Figure 1)


 Detail configuration:

+) On Router O:


+) On Switch 1 (I create VLAN 1 and add 2 port f0/3 – f0/2 port 4 on the trunk and f0/1 -f0/2)


+) On  Switch 2


+) At Switch3 (I create VLAN 3 and add 2 port f0/2 – f0/3 to 1 and trunk port f0/1).


+) On the PC5, PC3, PC1 (I put in the order of ip network VLAN 1, VLAN 2 and VLAN 3) as shown in Figure 1

We testing with ping command to PCs


Next we configuration DHCP server  

+) On server 0

We configured for VLAN 3 and name it (Figure 3)


Next we configure on Router 0 as follows:


Finally you onto PC0, PC2, PC4 to DHCP mode, the pc will get IP network with that VLAN (Figure 4)



I wish you success

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