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Please be careful of your ADSL router that may be hacked

Nearly half of Internet users worldwide use Router ADSL to connect to the Internet.

Please be careful of your ADSL router that may be hacked


However, they are the technical service providers to install.

Among these techniques, who, after the installation and configuration is complete, carefully than they usually set password for ADSL customers and recorded.

The remainder is to default Password

– There are also many customers as self-reconfiguration by Reset ADSL ADSL but did not pay attention to security issues and to its default Password

In this article, we’ll show you how to hack ADSL Ethernet Modem by exploiting some common vulnerabilities.

1. Scan IP range on the active ADSL

To view the ADSL WAN IP can be the following website.


You need to search for ADSL in the same IP range you can use your tools

Angry IP Scanner 

Angry IP Scanner + Open, here you will see an option called IP Range: when you need to enter IP addresses to scan.

Assuming your IP is 113 186 227 137, you can set up to 113 186 227 255 113 186 227 137 to as much as there are many more IP

+ Click  Start . After a few minutes, IP scanner will display a list of IPs for open port 80 as shown in the figure below (picture for illustration)

From the list of IP + I try to connect to ADSL. Most of these devices to the default password so you can log in successfully.


2. Try to login with the default account of the ADSL

For the default password of the ADSL we can go to www. DefaultPassword .com and check that ADSL.


3. Hacker will do what you have successfully logged in to your ADSL

+ The simplest one is your ADSL can be disconnected from the Internet at any time

Hazardous over the Hacker change DNS Server address and point of Hacker’s Server on Server hacker has preconfigured some malicious websites, fake payment page … and the user will easily trap (see formation of this form of attack called DNS- Redirect DNS Redirection )


+ Sniffing (wiretapping): Attacker add the static defensive passing Server hacker and use tools such as Wireshark SSL Strip + + Ettercap or Cain important to take account of the users in the network, such asEmail, Account Payment …

4- conclusions and recommendations

Most families ADSL router is configured by default and can be easily hack attack.

+ So the router’s default password should be changed immediately.

+ Set strong passwords easily avoid or try to guess passwords in brute

+ Disable remote access on some newer ADSL

Wishing you safe while surfing the WEB

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