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Why occasionally Access Point has Limited Access despite strong signal


Why occasionally Access Point  has Limited Access despite strong signal

Limited Access

 Access Point Access Limited is caused ?

+ Can you use a modem, Access Point hang- -> I restart the AP is OK
+ WiFi Blocked IP   + > I use the computer’s MAC change you can refer: How to change the address  MAC  network card on Windows

+ Conflict IP, IP means of  modem ADSL, router wireless coincides with (as many modems default in VN are or more machines on the same network at the same IP and declared other- -> Change Change the LAN IP range of the Access Point

+ Do not get IP from multiple devices via switch or Windows error …> I set a static IP here

These reasons we will not discuss because it is very easy to fix, here we will fix the cause biLimited Access more people connect to the Access Point

Cause this is our AP allows many simultaneous connections, usually the AP does not allocate an IP address for the client to connect to. So to solve this problem we configure the Access Point or Bridge mode under simple disable the DHCP feature of the AP and the client receives from the ADSL IP or DHCP Server.


In the following two:

Perform the following steps:

Step 1:


I log on to the Access Point (see Access Point configuration)

We select Setup network, the LAN configuration items we disable the DHCP server feature

Step 2: Connect the Access Point to a wired network


You plug the network cable to the LAN port of the wireless Access Point (not plugged into the WAN port), and the AP’s when you like the Switch broadcast. The tuner will receive equipment from ADSL IP or IP Server provides without worrying AP does not grant the IP address again.

(Of course with the AP with low specifications, many users will greatly slow and poor performance)

(In case your organization uses multiple VLANs, many different IP range, then we have to configure the DHCP Server creates Scope, each corresponding to the VLAN scope or cottages. Then use the navigation device online)

I wish you success

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