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Hide signal Wireless

Hide signal Wireless 

Part 2: Find hidden Wave Wireless

Despite usability when deployed and used in comparison with the wired network but privacy is wireless network is generally regarded as less secure than wired networks. If you configure the device is not careful, it can very much get the password hacker to infiltrate your network

There are many ways to secure a wireless network (abbreviated WL), today Anninhmang share the simple and quite effective. That method Hide your name Wireless waves. (SSID)

  1. How to make hidden SSID

This method will help prevent others from unauthorized use of your Wi-Fi network unless they know the SSID.

SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​said it’s easy to understand the name of your wireless network. It emits let the users choose to connect to.

Normally, WL waves will be emitted and who seeks to use’ll signal as shown below

wifi sign

(Figure 1: List of waves found on the device)

How to make:

To disable SSID is, you perform the following steps:

1) Connect to Wireless Access Point or Router in your browser to its User and Pass

2) Select the menu Wireless -> Basic Wireless Settings. As shown on the Linksys device (the others are similar)


disable wifi

(Figure 2: Configuring the Wireless signal ANNINHMANG )

You select Disabled as shown and click Save Settings to save your settings. So after rebooting the device, the signal of this Access Point will not see it on devices such as laptops or smartphones, which partly led users to leave that area without looking WL and research support to the map not good.

  1. How to connect to hidden SSID Wireless signal

Want to connect to the waves were hidden, of course you need to know the information of wireless waves are hidden (this information is in case you have questions or you can use the admin tools Detect wave) perform the steps are as follows: Guide after implementation on Windows 7,8,8.1

+ You in Network And Sharing Center window by right-clicking the icon under Network adapters corner of the screen and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”

open network


(Figure 3: Open more waves WL)

Select Set up a new connection or network -> Manually connect to a wireless network SSID and then fill out the information hidden signal.


577277 BAPs Available
573257 BAPs Available

(Figure 4: Create the connection (by hand) to wave WL)

manually connect to a wifi

(Figure 5: Create the connection (by hand) to signalWL2)

Next, enter the complete information of the wave you have questions or self WL detected by other tools.


(Figure 6: Information signal WL)

Click Next and the connection is successful, the next time you moved into this wave of course your device will automatically reconnect if you select “Start this connection automaticlly” as shown above.

The following article describes how Wave Wireless Detect hidden SSID.

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