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Default route

Lesson 1:  Configure static routing

Lesson 2:  Configuring Routing default (default route)

Configure static routing applies when you know the specific network, but if the pattern follows how you handle?

Configure default route default router (Default Route) p2

Figure 1: Model of Internet connectivity to ISPs

Router0 and Router1 packets from the Internet via ISP Router want to, then you need to add as many network at the router. If you use static routing as part 1, you can not because that on the Internet there are countless network.

Therefore this section we configure the particular case, the default route (default route). Default route syntax is as follows:

Method 1:

Router (config) # ip route <> <> <IP nexthop>

Method 2:

Router (config) # ip route <> <> <exit interface>

+ Network is a special place in any public network is also in this network, for example, when you search in windows if you use the * character is meant to represent all the other characters.

+ Similarly subnet mask of always contain any other subnet mask.

Configuration in Router 0:

So if you have command Router0 (config) # ip route

Then in the routing table will be online Router0 S * [1/0] via

And if you ping from this Router0 then the packet will be processed like?

This time the packet is sent to the IP = as ip = of

But according to the picture if you want to send the packet to the machine under Network, why?

I simply added this network to the routing table with the command Router0

Router0 (config) # ip route

And we use the command Router # show ip route to see Router0 routing table we have:

Gateway of last resort is to network is subnetted, 1 subnets

C is trực connected, FastEthernet0 / 0 is subnetted, 1 subnets

S [1/0] via

C is trực connected, FastEthernet0 / 1 is subnetted, 1 subnets

Trực C is connected, Serial0 / 2/0

S * [1/0] via


Configure the routing table routing (Default Route) p2

Figure 2: The routing table on Router0

At this point in the routing table Router0 1 1 static routing and default routing, in 2 types of this kind of static routing is preferred over (it is priority 1), and default routing highest priority, so when you ping it will use the static route router0 and push out packets with IP = port

+ The default route Router1 routing after

Router0 (config) # ip route


+ You can configure the default route 2 way, in the article used by 1.

Configure the ISP Router

+ In fact, it has already done all Lab but in this model we need to configure the router at the ISP because I have not configured NAT (the Network Address Translation) on Router0 (This section will cover in the next post), so It is further configured static routing in 2 router0 and Router1 with the following command:


 ISProuter (config-if) # ip address

And some other loopback if you want.

+ ADSL Modem device is located as indicated on plans and ADSL Router0 configured default route (2 way) and the default NAT devices.

Configuration details you can download here (File Packet Tracer is designed in 6.x)

configuration file

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