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Configuring a simple LAN on Packet Tracert

Configuring a simple LAN on Packet Tracert

Description Figure 1:

A company building two floors, each floors have about 50 computers, the company wants to implement a LAN with cost can purchase the following equipment:


1 Cisco layer3 switch


5 Cisco Layer 2 switch


01 ADSL Internet connection


02 Access Point


Internal Server 03

You design the VLAN, IP planning, routing on the network to ensure the confidentiality, easily troubleshoot the error, small broadcast domain for fast network speeds but temporarily less complexity.

Requirements on, I would suggest  design following on Packet Tracert (in models used represent 2 switch and a PC, laptop):


The diagram above we plan to conduct the IP address as follows:

floors 1: The PC and Wireless IP range 172.16.1.x  / 24

floors 2: The receiving PC and Wireless IP range 172.16.2.x / 24

2 floors receive IP from the DHCP server in the Server area;

Areas receiving server IP range 172.16.3.x / 24; This set static IP area

The configuration steps:

– On the first floor default L2 switch has VLAN 1 and VLAN port belongs should have done

– On the second floor L2 switch, we create VLAN 2 and put the port belong to this VLAN 2

– On the L2 switch in the server room to create VLAN 3, and put the port in this VLAN

At Layer 3 Switch, create VLAN 2 and VLAN 3, and set the IP address for the VLAN corresponding to the server room floors are:

+ VLAN 1:

+ VLAN 2:

+ VLAN 3:

+ VLAN 4:

And on each VLAN interface of our forwards DHCP requests to the DHCP server in the server room with IP helper-address command

– Routing for the VLAN on the switch with Layer 3 IP routing command in global mode

– Routing default route to ADSL

Configuration details:

+ In the 1st floor switch:

At this switch to the default one for VLAN 1 has been created and all ports are in VLAN 1 is

+ In the 2nd floor switch:

Create VLAN 2 and put all ports in VLAN 2

Switch (config) #vlan 2

Switch (config) #name tang2

Switch (config) #switchport access vlan 2

+ The switch server:

Create VLAN 3 and put all ports in VLAN 3

Switch (config) #vlan 3

Switch (config) #name server

Switch (config) #switchport access vlan 3

+ At layer3 switch:

Step 1: Create the VLAN 2,3,4

Switch (config) #vlan 2

Switch (config-vlan) #

Switch (config-vlan) #name tang2

Switch (config-vlan) #vlan 3

Switch (config-vlan) #name server

Switch (config-vlan) #vlan 4

Switch (config-vlan) #name ADSL

Switch (config-vlan) #

Step 2: IP set for the VLAN

Switch# conf terminal

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with Cntl / Z.

Switch (config)#interface vlan 1

Switch (config-if)#ip address

Switch (config-if) #no shutdown

Switch (config-if) #

Switch (config-if) #interface vlan 2

Switch (config-if)#ip address

Switch (config-if)#no shutdown

Switch (config-if)#int erface vlan 3

Switch (config-if)#ip address

Switch (config-if)#no shutdown

Switch (config-if)#interface vlan 4

Switch (config-if)#ip address

Switch (config-if) #no shutdown

show run

Step 3: Enable Routing

Switch (config)#ip routing

Step 4: Routing over IP Default route of ADSL

Switch (config) #ip route

Step 5: Insert the port f0 / 4 in VLAN 4

Switch (config)#interface f0 /4

Switch (config-if)#switchport access vlan 4

Step 6: Trunk port f0/1 -f0/3 (in this article might not need this trunk ports by putting the port corresponding to the switch to the appropriate VLAN, but for our future there may be multiple layer 2 VLAN on the switch again to the overall solution should Trunk of ports)

Switch (config-if-range)#interface range f0 1-3

Switch (config-if-range) trunk encapsulation dot1q #switchport

Switch (config-if-range)#switchport trunk

Step 7: Forward DHCP request to the DHCP server in the room for VLAN 1 and 2

Switch (config) #int vlan 1

Switch (config-if) #ip helper-address

Switch (config-if) #int vlan 2

Switch (config-if) #ip helper-address

Step 8: Record configuration

Switch # write memory

+ At the ADSL Router: We need more static route on the VLAN routing 1,2,3

Switch (config) #ip route

+ The DHCP server we configure ip range as shown

DHCP server

+ Also the IP configuration, the configuration you like on the map

The results of the PC and laptop computer to the Internet ping as follows:


Detailed file  configuration on packet tracert download here[sociallocker]file you can download here:[/sociallocker]

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