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Beware of hacker tricks when openning the documents

Beware of hacker tricks when openning the documents

There are some who believe that the weakest security of the network is the man, so according to you is that correct?

As for me, I shall say: This is not wrong because in fact people do not understand the tricks Social Engineering of Hacker  … and that is the weakest. But I can not say true because sometimes people do not know what they are doing because nobody told them before that. If they knew they did not like, and you find that true?

In the tutorial I will give you a way to attack use of Adobe PDF file embedded malicious code.

Because nearly 95% users have installed  software Adobe Acrobat reader file (Acrobat Reader) on  Windows or Linux


1.  Metasploit

Windows or Linux (I’m using  Backtrack 5 to this guide)

The steps using Adobe PDF file abusing + Technology scam of attack

Step 1: create file and embed malicious code into this file



Content in the picture above clearly written in the image below.


Step 2 : Send a malicious PDF file via e-mail with compelling content (such as engineering scam)


Step 3: Must be set to listen to the other side waiting to read email and open the PDF file, then the client will connect the reverse to attacker

+ On the victim’s computer:

After the victim to open malicious PDF of Hacker is a warning box


Details invite you to watch the following video:

Conclusions and warnings:

  1. When you open a file (most documents such as PDF files) if there is a warning appears, read the report carefully.

Hopefully article useful for you, and you share it to let people know to avoid.

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