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Access control list on Switch

Access control list on Switch

When it comes to the Access Control List, or you configured on the router, ASA and other security devices.Today I would like to introduce to you the example of ACL Switch on the device, it is flexible and handy.

For the following models: mohinh accesslist

3 VLAN: (1,2,3) ip and information shown above

See the article here Access Control List 


1. You need to configure the same VLAN ( VLAN view article )

2. After you have configured the 1. We need to ban the PC in VLAN 2 (corresponding to 2 buildings) access on the Web site ServerO), while the other traffic operating normally

++++ The configuration steps:

1. Define ACL (after the show we see)

access-list 120 deny tcp host eq www
access-list 120 deny tcp host eq www
access-list 120 permit ip any any

2. Apply to the VLAN (on behalf of the port as a router)

Switch(config)#int VLAN 1

Switch(config-if)#Ip access-group 120 out


3. Check results


Ping successfully

and browse the web without success




show-ip-aclViews (

File packet tracer

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