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WordPress 0 day Exploiter


WordPress 0day Exploiter
Wordpress 0day Exploiter is a tool that enable you to register as new admin on a wordpress site which have the bug on the Ajax.php file.

How to create dorks?
It’s very easy so create the dorks, the list of vulnerable themes are already provided on the right richtext box. So, you just need to add the theme name.
Dork: http://bitbin.it/h0Y0PmaP
Password: JDK_JUW

How to use the tools?
It’s easy, once you have found your target,
1- Simply paste the site URL,theme name, an your email in the textbox
2- Click on Confirm > Exploit
3- If your target is vulnerable, the “Register” button will be enabled
4- Click on Register and the webbrowser will bring you to the registration page
5- Enter your username and email
6- Check your email inbox for the confirmation and the password for your account.
7- Login to the site and there you go
8- You also can upload shell into the site.


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